Leap Of Faith Ladies

Leap Of Faith Ladies

It has taken me a while to notice this trend among ladies (including me), that I thought it may be worth sharing for someone out there who would like to make a difference in their lives.Throughout my coaching career, I have had more male clients than female clients. This is for 1 on 1 sessions. I begun to question why this was so, despite the fact that some of the male clientele was introduced to me by ladies who know what I do but have never come for sessions themselves.

*Let’s take Victor (not his real name) for example. He called me and asked whether I could help redo his CV and prepare him for an interview for top a position in an organization he wanted. I knew him, we had worked in the same company many years before and he had since moved on. I was curious how he found out about what I do. His answer surprised me. A lady who we both knew, had told him about what I do. She has never come for coaching herself. On confirming to Victor that I could help, he took a risk but I like to call it a leap of faith and came for sessions. He had no idea whether it would be beneficial but he was willing to find out. Sometime this year, I caught up with him and he told me that the sessions had been quite an eye opener. He was able to know for himself what mattered most to him and choose from that understanding. He has since made great contributions in his current role that has had an impact in the country. A happy man at that.

In some meetings that I was invited to speak in mid this year, I told the participants about my findings. Interesting, more women came to me after the meeting and said they needed support to grow in their careers and lives. They promised to call but never followed through despite having asked for my number. Funny, huh. Their male colleagues only asked for my number and the next thing they asked when they could start their sessions after confirming what their needs were. Amazing, I have complained many times about ‘unfairness in the system’. Gender inequality, but the truth is that we, ladies, sometimes do not take charge of our own growth in career and life, then we complain when the men do.

I know it may not be right to comment on family life, but I have also seen that many ladies sight family responsibilities to be their hindrance to following their dreams. Is this really true? I can’t answer this for sure, but I know of men who follow their dreams and have families too. Is it possible for ladies to do the same? Again, only an individual can answer this. I have met some women who have been able to take care of their families and at the same time work on their dreams. I know women who live this way and are fulfilled. Are you one of them? If not, do you know any you admire and could learn a few things from? Let us take the rightful place in our lives. Many people will benefit from this. Let us learn to take leaps of faith in our career growth and life fulfillment.
This piece is not meant to put us ladies down, but rather show where we sometimes fall short. Ladies, let us take charge of our lives again. We contribute an equal share to the well being of the society if not more. There is no better way to enhance this role, than to take time and work on ourselves. We can only give what we have. The more we have the more family, workplace and society will benefit

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